Monday, September 15, 2014

The September 27 event is filling up!

We now have more people registered for the September 27th event than we had attend our first event! 

This also means we're over 80% full for this round!

Register soon to ensure your spot, and if you have someone that you were planning to attend with, let them know so we can be sure to get them in too! 

The demographics are quite good this round, and we're already seeing more matches on average than we saw last time!  As we continue to fill up, we want to ensure the best experience for everyone, and to that end we're trying something new.  Further registrations for straight(ish) males to this event will require that they have a balancing companion that is a female of any persuasion or a gay male.  You can date separately from your companion or as a group, as you choose.  Other genders and orientations may register as before. 

Please note that this page is accurate, and the details here are not entirely accurate.  We're working on getting that changed.  

To reiterate:

  • We are still open to everyone over 21.  Straight(ish) males will need a balancing companion.
  • Other genders and orientations may register as before.
  • Companions may be female (born that way or not, any orientation) or gay males.
  • You can date separately or together.
  • If you make a registration error, email us.  But given our palantir, we probably already know.

- The Poly Speed Dating PDX Team